Prague Summer Party: 10th Anniversary of ABSL + Graduation of Fusion Professional Programme and MBA in GBS delegates

This year’s Prague Summer Party was special. We celebrated on August 23 – the same date, ABSL was founded 10 years ago. You heard the ABSL story that started on the 23rd of August 2013 and celebrated this beautiful anniversary with the ABSL community. Also our Fusion Professional Programme and MBA in GBS delegates graduated successfully.

The summer party took place on August 23, from 5:30 pm at the beer home of AB InBev & PasserInvest and their beautiful terrace. 

We enjoyed:

  • AB InBev beer, drinks and great food
  • a Cafe Louvre ice cream stand
  • Networking Bingo with attractive prizes
  • Barbecue
  • A tour de PasserInvest & AB InBev with stunning views
  • and much more!

And we celebrated in style



August 23, 2022


17:30 - 22:00


AB InBev

Vyskočilova 1422/1a
Praha – Michle, 14000 Czech Republic


ABSL, Passerinvest, Ab Inbev

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