The only Digital academy for business services leaders and experts.

Jakub Vaniš

Digital Partner / Experienced Senior Executive & Tech Innovator

“Get hands-on experience and mentorship that sets you apart as a Czech business innovator and ignite your organization with Fusion Digital’s powerful blend of leadership and technology. Spots are limited—become the change today!”

Jaromír Staroba
ABSL Czech Republic President

“We are proud to lead the way in the first AI-driven, inclusive digital business services education.”

Bohumil Říha
Procurement Senior Director at JNJ GBS

“As the digital agenda is a significant part of J&J’s future journey, I am excited to join ABSL Fusion Digital. I can’t wait to learn new things, get inspired by the latest ideas, and work with my colleagues to build our digital era.”

Embark on a 6-month journey

  • 8 ABSL sessions, revealing leading digital expertise and visions

  • 100+ hours of ABSL-powered learning, vital connections, and unique insights
  • Dynamic community meets for project discussions and site visits
  • Transformative self-study program for digital mastery
  • Engage on the live Fusion digital platform, sharing insights and results

  • Forge direct digital connections with experts in AI, Cyber, GPT, etc.

  • Exclusive 2024 conference ticket from ABSL

Your Gateway to Digital Excellence in Business Services

The ABSL Fusion Digital programme is a unique tailored development programme created by business services experts for all leaders and experts whose organisations are undergoing digital transformation and want to get inspired by proven digital tools and best practices. It provides a platform to connect and learn from the best within our sector.

Download the ABSL Fusion Digital programme brochure

Learn from the best


Open to innovative leaders, HR, Finance experts, talents and just anyone keen to adopt digitization and learn from the best.

Master Digital Transformation

  • Decode and Understand Digital Business Services Transformation
  • Elevate Skills with top Czech Business Services and Experts
  • Build Digital Proficiency & Tech Know-How
  • Apply Best Practice Ideas for Tangible Results
  • Dive into Real Business Services Scenarios & Cases and Explore New Technologies
  • Connect and Network for Learning & Inspiration in our Community
  • Lead Your Team with Technology
  • Navigate the Fast-Changing Digital World Confidently
  • Earn a Resume-Enhancing Completion Certificate


95,000 CZK + VAT

Programme fee per delegate
Volume and loyalty discounts are available.


April, 2024


Contact Jarmila Drastíková to learn more about the benefits of ABSL Fusion Digital for you, your company or your employees.