Jaromír Staroba becomes the new president of ABSL.

Published On: 30. 5. 2022

Jaromír Staroba (39) was elected the new president of ABSL. He will replace Ota Kulhánek, who was in the year 2013 at the foundation of this organization, which brings together business, customer and IT services providers on the Czech market.

Since then, the entire industry and ABSL itself have undergone dynamic growth and development. Today, 145,000 employees work in 350 centers focused on highly qualified and innovative work and the sector is expected to grow further to 200,000 employees by 2025. Jaromír Staroba’s goal is to support the further expansion of the sector, he wants to focus not only on cooperation with government authorities, but also on the sharing of knowledge and experience among members and the further transformation and digitization of the sector.

Jaromír Staroba studied International Trade and Logistics at the University of Economics in Prague. His first professional experience he gained at the transport company Gebrüder Weiss. Since 2006, he has been working in the Anheuser-Busch InBev brewary group, where he has gradually focused on logistics, supply chain management, HR, project management and digital transformation. Since 2019, he has been a part of the ABSL Board of Directors. In 2020, he was appointed Director of the ABInBev Digital Hub in Prague, where he leads a team of 900 experts in logistics, HR, finance and customer and digital experience, and will serve in this role in parallel with his presidency within the ABSL association.

“I very much appreciate the trust placed in me by the Board of Directors of ABSL. As President, I would like to use my experience to help address the many burning issues that are hampering the growth of our industry. These include not only the long-term lack of human resources with relevant education, but also little flexible legislation in the field of foreign recruitment or job flexibility. I am sure that our sector deserves stronger support, as these are precisely the service centers that have the potential to support the Czech economy and change the Czech Republic into a country of skilled labor,”

says Jaromír Staroba, the incoming president of ABSL.

Jaromír Staroba is married and has two children. His hobbies include family, travel and tennis.