Conectart scored in three competitions

Published On: 19. 12. 2023

ABSL Diamonds, ECCCSA and the Czech Contact Center Award organized by the ADMEZ Association are three prestigious events that are united by the theme of contact centers. While ABSL and the ADMEZ Awards were in their tenth year, the ECCCSA was in its twenty-third year.

Conectart, the largest contact centre operator in the Czech Republic, placed in all of these competitions, two of which are Czech and one pan-European.

The ABSL Conference 2023 (Association of Business Service Leaders) took place on 1 November and during the ceremony Conectart won the Diamond Award in the “Business Innovation” category with Project Sunrise in collaboration with Daktela. The project implements artificial intelligence for precise planning of call center operations. Unique chatbots and voicebots, which streamlined the recruitment and training of new candidates, also contributed to the win. The Mood Logger app, which helps Conectart to take care of the mental health and well-being of its employees, was also a success.

The ECCCSA Awards 2023 (European Contact Centre & Customer Service) took place on 21 November, where Conectart was nominated together with partner Samsung in two categories: ‘Most Effective Application of Technology’ and ‘Best Use of Data & Insights’. For the first category, they were the only ones to receive the special jury award “Highly Commended Award”.

The following day was the Czech Contact Center Day, organized by ADMEZ (Association of Direct Marketing, E-commerce and Mail Order). At this event, Conectart succeeded in the competition in three categories. The first one is “People”, where it won with the Mood Logger app, which supports the mental health of employees. As a result, Conectart was able to reduce their turnover by 5% and their perception of stress load dropped by a full 17%.

In the “Clients” category, Conectart took second place along with Daktel and Samsung for the aforementioned Project Sunrise. In fact, Conectart was the first to implement their tool in operation. The tool not only increased call center traffic prediction, but also facilitated shift planning for employees and saved 40% of the team leader’s time.

Conectart subsequently won third place in the “Technology” category. Specifically for the implementation of chatbots and voicebots within the HR department. The result is a 30% saving in HR specialist time and a reduction in new employee attrition of up to 60% in the first month.

“I’m really pleased with the success we’ve had at the competitions. I have been a supporter of cutting edge technology for years and we will continue to implement it in the future. Artificial intelligence is a great help and thanks to it we can simplify and make life more pleasant not only for our employees but also for our clients,”

adds Petr Studnička, CEO of Conectart.